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Play and test your streams online

You can test all your stream URLs from one place using above player. You can even embed this player on your application and pass your streaming URL to this player using a GET parameter. We have given an example below for you to try it out.


If you need to hide the URL and title bar, then pass 'hide_url' parameter as 'yes' on your request URL. Please check following example.


So feel free to use this tool for your online streaming.

Play your streams with quality switch

Now you can pass your different quality streams as a JSON object via url and play your streams with quality switch option. Then your visitors will be able to select the right quality stream for their connection or resolution type. It will be a huge advantage for your vistors and they will be able to stream easily without any issue. At the same time they will be able to save their data.

Ex URL:[{"url":"","type":"application/x-mpegURL","label":"720P"},{"url":"","type":"application/x-mpegURL","label":"480P"},{"url":"","type":"application/x-mpegURL","label":"360P"}]

Ex JSON object:

Please make sure your JSON is in above format exactly. And also make sure you are setting the correct video type as per your streaming URL in the JSON. Otherwise your stream won't be working.